• San Cristobal Guayaberas in Paper City Houston

    How awesome is this??!! Great to see San Cristobal Guayaberas making the editors cut in Paper City Houston for the month of November! And yes…only the manliest of men wear the guayaberas. But sadly enough, they left John Wayne off the list.

  • In the Media…

    Wanted to take this opportunity to share with you an article by CultureMap Houston on San Cristobal Guayaberas. The title is a bit intense but I ain’t complainin’!

    Texas Shirt King Thinks Bigger and Reaches Beyond the Lone Star States' Borders with New Line

  • Launch Party

    Thank you to all who made it to the launch party for San Cristobal Guayaberas. I was blown away by the support and turn out for the event. We had more than 150 people show up for the celebration.

    Everyone was really pleased with the quality of the guayaberas and how well they fit.

    Of course none of this would have been possible without the help of Five Sisters PR, who did an incredible job with spreading the word and generating buzz, my parents for allowing me to use their house for the launch and my wife who helped organize and coordinate the entire event.

    I’ve attached some photos from that evening. Thank you all for those who came out and showed their support.



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