Our Story

The story behind San Cristobal Guayaberas begins with one medallion, one motorcycle and one incredible journey.  In 2009, after years of planning and plotting, Paul Hotze, embarked on a four-month expedition that would take him from Houston, Texas, to the Southern most tip of South America.

The trip extended more than 10,000 miles and covered some of the most diverse terrain he had ever explored.  From the snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Real in Bolivia, to the palm lined beaches of Costa Rica, to the fog dense jungles of Colombia and the vast, expansive Atacama Desert in Chile, he explored the best that Central and South America had to offer. 

Along his journey, there were numerous close calls and many a near death experience.  Some claimed it was blind luck that kept him alive...others believe it was divine intervention. 

However, Hotze credits a medallion of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travel, with protecting him from danger and navigating him to safety. 

During his trip, Hotze met many a helpful stranger donning the quintessential Latin American garment for adventurous souls – the Guayabera.  Its expressive design, detailed stitching and distinctive pleats symbolized the good life of travel and adventure. 

With a background in marketing, the launch of a men’s apparel line under his belt (Paris Texas Apparel Co.) and a taste for challenges, Hotze set out to conquer yet another adventure – and so San Cristobal Guayaberas was born.

San Cristobal honors all that Paul found along the way:

  • Living a life filled with travel and adventure
  • Relishing friendships forged on the road
  • The thrill of discovering the unknown
  • And the notion of bringing elements of your travels home

So pack your bags, grab your passport and button up your satchels:
blaze the unpaved path of San Cristobal Guayaberas
and Explora La Buena Vida!

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